Our Story jewelry manufacturing

Arian Silver Co. is a family run silver jewelry company located in Bangkok, Thailand. We started our business from 2003 with just 2 people and now engaging more than 150 qualified employees to meet our customers’ demand.

Arian Silver Company presents a decent collection of 925 sterling silver jewelry at the heart of Bangkok’s silver market area. Our special made to order products are available at a very reasonable prices.

In our production site, we apply the latest in jewelry making technology for our products by using the most cutting-edge technology in the jewelry industry.

We also have extensive focus on all aspects of the jewelry creation process ranging from the product development, casting, stone setting, polishing and plating, laser engraving and finally quality control.  Arian Silver Co. has the latest in jewelry making technology and a wide array of in-house production capabilities that allow us to streamline the jewelry creation process based our client requirements.

Our strengths can be outlined briefly for you as following:

  • Exclusivity of our products to our main customers.
  • Flexibility in customizing the production process and agility to deliver high quality end products.
  • Established quality assurance for monitoring the whole manufacturing cycle starting from raw material purchase, product design, validated manufacturing process to high valued customer satisfaction fulfillment.
  • Quality control of every piece of jewelry product by our in-house standard procedures
  • Excellent relationship with our employees, suppliers and beneficiaries.
  • Competitive price in the region and high-capacity production line.
  • Record of thousands product style design and their production.
  • In the last decade our goal solely was customers’ convenience, though the quality of our products was the mean to succeed.