At Arian Silver company we have the latest technology and material in molds rubber for Aided-quality development .We consistently pay attention to the every little detail


Wax models carefully produced and reviewed to ensure data quality,then The wax pieces are soldered onto a wax tree.


The wax pieces are soldered onto a wax tree. Investment plaster is then poured over the wax tree and allowed to set, before being placed into a high temperature oven to create a plaster mold. Finally, the metals, which could be gold or silver, are melted into its liquid form and poured into the plaster mold. After the metal tree cools, the plaster is washed away by high-pressured water and the metal pieces are cut from the trees to prepare for the next process.


filing with precision instruments to fully achieve the desired product shape

Setting Stone

There is a lot of setting that can be used but there is one for each of your products. Bellow is the list of classical setting we are able to do.
Bezel setting,Channel setting,Prongs setting,Grain setting,Micro setting,Nail setting,Pave setting and Wax setting.A good who setting stone will perform each step with intuition and skill leading to a symmetrical, scintillating, beautiful finished piece. It takes many years to attain a high level of competence in this art .


The pieces then go through the tumbling process to wash away dirt and residues. This procedure is a preliminary polishing process that creates a smooth surface to facilitate the sanding process later on. In order to achieve a smooth surface, we utilize different kinds of tumbling media inside our tumbling tanks.

Final Polishing

Once the jewelry pieces are assembled, they will go through a final polishing procedure using different fabric types to ensure a shiny and smooth surface. This also aids the plating process as the plating metals will better adhere to the jewelry piece.


we have the latest in jewelry plating technology that includes a plating bath with capabilities like Silver,Rose ,Black rhodium , Rhodium and gold plating.We also have a plating testing machine from Fischer for our clients, assuring them of the plating quality standards.

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