Everything about the wedding ring and the engagement ring

The tradition of giving and giving a wedding ring dates back to the last 4800 years, ie to the time of ancient Egypt. At that time, these rings were made of papyrus and straw.

The wedding ring for the couple is a symbol of eternity and family formation and being married.

In fact, the wedding ring is a sign of commitment to the other person. It also shows the love and loyalty that each party has for each other.

Giving a ring may be a little different in each tradition and culture, but the feelings and meaning of love are the same in wedding rings around the world, and these rings are always exchanged between couples.

In other words, this is love that must last forever. A wedding ring symbolizes a ring that has neither a beginning nor an end. When you make a pact with your partner and put the wedding ring on his finger, a covenant is made between you that shows that you must stay together forever. Some couples may even decide to have a special message engraved on their wedding ring to always show their love for each other.

Why are wedding rings circular?

Aside from the beauty of the ring, the circular shape of a wedding ring has a special meaning. This is an endless circle with no beginning or end. That is, a circle that never ends, just like the love of a married couple.

Materials used to make a wedding ring

The precious metals and stones used in the design of wedding rings are also important to a newlywed couple.

The physical structure of the wedding ring and the materials used to make it are gold, silver and platinum, which have a strong texture and are resistant to breakage, and this shows the fact that couples’ love for each other is also very strong.

Many couples consider the materials from which the wedding ring is made. Diamond wedding rings are a popular choice, especially in recent years. Diamond is one of the stones that is very durable and this hardness is a symbol of the eternal love that couples have for each other.

The reason for putting the ring on the left hand

For hundreds of years, wedding rings have been in people’s left hands. The date of the ring on the left hand dates back to ancient Rome. The Romans believed that a vein from the ring finger goes directly to the heart and communicates directly with the heart. This old belief still stands.

Of course, scientists today have proven that this is not true. But this story is still one of the main reasons why many people choose to put a wedding ring on their left hand.

What is an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a ring given to a mistress at the time of a marriage proposal.

According to custom, women receive engagement rings from men. They usually wear an engagement ring from the time they receive their marriage proposal until they are formally married. Having a ring on your finger will show everyone that he is committed to his partner.

Rings can vary considerably in appearance and price, but the most common type of engagement ring is a diamond ring or a ring with very small pieces of diamond. The engagement ring is placed on the middle finger of the left hand.

Wedding and engagement ring prices

The price of wedding rings and other rings that are exchanged during and after the engagement ceremony largely depends on the materials used in their construction and their size. Most engagement rings have precious stones such as diamonds; So pre-wedding rings are usually more expensive than wedding rings.

When is the wedding ring given to the other party?

Wedding rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremony. This shows that you have both become one and belong to each other from the day you got the ring.

What is the difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring?

Engagement rings are usually more expensive.

Instead, wedding rings are simpler and made of lower-priced stones.

First the engagement ring, then the marriage ring

It is usually best to buy an engagement ring first, especially if you are not sure if your proposal will be successful and end in marriage.

Or you may not even know what kind of ring your lover likes.

It is even possible that he does not like what you have chosen. Some girls like to choose their own wedding ring.

Who is responsible for the engagement and marriage ring?

The engagement ring is a special gift for the girl that shows the groom’s commitment to the bride, so to buy an engagement ring, usually the man has to take responsibility for it. Most men are willing to buy it, even if it costs a lot, but if the girl wants to pay part of the cost of buying the ring, there is no problem.

When it comes to buying wedding rings, both parties can agree to buy each other wedding rings. In this way the bride buys the ring for the groom and the groom buys the ring for the bride

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