Important points in buying and selling jewelry and gold

Important points in buying and selling jewelry and gold

Buying and selling jewelry and gold is one of the sales that has many mysteries and stories and of course requires basic skills. To start buying gold, let’s separate it from buying jewelry completely and then to teach the technique. Buy and sell jewelry and gold.

Now you should know that any artifact that is made of 18-carat gold and has precious and semi-precious stones is called jewelry, so that the weight of the jewelry or semi-precious stone exceeds the weight of gold, and gold artifacts are the same as raw and pure gold. It is called 18 carat (in Iran) which is offered without any stone.

What is the difference between gold and jewelry?

The difference between gold and jewelry is that no precious stone is used in the work made of gold, but in the jewels, precious stones are installed on the work, which may be atomic or original to the jewelry that atomic stone is used. Atomic jewels and the jewels used as the original stone are called original jewels.

The type of buying and selling jewelry is different from gold:

1- Sale of gold = daily price per gram of gold + manufacturing wages + profit seller (7 or 8%)

2- Sale of jewelry = daily price of gold + wages including (value of stones used / wages for making jewelry base / expenditure and other expenses) + profit seller (15% to 20%) As the way of buying gold differs from jewelry, the conditions of sale by the consumer are the same. There is a difference in the work made of gold, the construction wage and the seller’s profit are deducted and bought at the daily rate, but how to sell jewelry, which I emphasize and order, be careful in maintaining the purchase invoice. According to the invoice, the seller’s profit is (15% to 20%) Deduction and promotion or discount from the day price listed in the invoice and the price is paid to the owner.

Guide to buying and selling jewelry and gold
The first group are those who are very interested in their appearance decorations and these items are an integral part of their daily lives, parties and celebrations.

The second category consists of those who consider buying valuable jewelry as the best and safest savings.

The third category is a combination of two groups. Undoubtedly, you are one of these 3 groups who have chosen to read this article because of their interest in gold and jewelry and becoming more familiar with buying and selling jewelry and gold. If you want to always shine in a group, experience a safe investment and most importantly increase your capital every day, the tips in this article will be the best guide for a good choice.

Gold that is not gold

It is true that the first image that comes to mind of gold is yellow or white, but in fact gold is a combination of chemical processes and combinations with other metals and plating operations in any color (red, black, yellow, pink, green, etc.) Can be.

For example, red gold is made from a combination of copper alloy, white gold is made from a combination of palladium or silver, and indium is used to make gold blue. In fact, the great color variety of gold, apart from the design and model, has become one of the ways to boost this industry. Some sellers sell white gold at a higher price but buy it cheaper than yellow gold. Although yellow gold is better when melted, this difference is very small and you should know that there is no such law.

● The best way to buy jewelry

Follow the rules for buying and selling jewelry and gold

In general, we have 4 types of precious stones (diamond, emerald, sapphire and sapphire) and a large number of semi-precious stones such as amethyst, citrine, topaz and… that the landing of these stones on gold turns it into jewelry. What stone to prioritize when buying jewelry or to determine the quality of the stone is the concern of many jewelry buyers; In general, gemstone is valuable for 3 reasons.

Beauty and radiance, scarcity and durability; Diamond stone, which is a type of diamond, is higher in brilliance and durability than other stones, and since it has been well managed since the beginning of exploration, it has a good supply and demand market, but emerald and sapphire stones are more rare and quality. On top of them, they are very valuable and make them more and more expensive, but it is beyond the ordinary people to recognize the quality of all stones.

For example, you might buy a diamond ring that the seller will charge a lot of money for the stone worked on, but when you sell it, you will find that the diamond used in the ring is bad and has poor impurities and is not worth the money you paid. . To avoid this problem, the only way left is to buy from jewelry stores that are reputable and guarantee the purchased item.

Reputable jewelry stores will deduct only 15 to 20 percent of your payment when you sell, while if you do not have a valid invoice, you may incur a large loss when selling jewelry.

● Jewelry making wages

The basis for the cost of making jewelry is determined based on its design. Gold made by machine and in high circulation has a lower manufacturing wage and those made by hand and more limited, have a higher manufacturing wage, but this does not mean that all machine-made gold is low-wage, but the complexity of the design and type of riding Stones increase the cost of rent.

Usually, people who do not look at gold only as a purchase of capital, and for whom the aspect of its uniqueness and beauty is important, are willing to pay any cost to make a unique design.

Important points in buying and selling jewelry and gold:

The best type of carat to buy gold

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