How to determine the size of the finger and the size of the ring?

How to find the ring size? A ring is the size when it is not felt in the finger. If the thickness of the finger changes over time, or if the ring is to be given to someone else, it is necessary to change the width of the ring.
The size of the finger is determined by the size loop, which consists of 30 comparison loops. The width of the ring is determined by the conical size of the size on which the dimensions are written.
In Germany, it is common to mention the amount of opening of a ring in terms of diameter or interior. In France and the United States, numbers are mentioned according to standard numbers.

Since the finger is not round, you should try with a little feeling which ring is the best and easiest to compare with it.
Personal experience shows that the fingers swell a little during the day, and in addition to the hot days of the trendy winter, these fluctuations must be taken into account to achieve a truly correct result.
It is very difficult to measure on thin and bony fingers. As soon as a comparison ring is passed through the fingertip, it loosens with great difficulty.

Due to the fact that the comparison rings are relatively narrow, the size of the wider engagement rings and the decorative jewelry head rings should be considered slightly larger. If the ring is open from the inside, its opening can be a little less because such a ring can be more easily placed in the finger.
Production considerations and tradition (and perhaps a little thoughtlessness) have probably led to the ring being made into a round shape. It will be better. But in that case, the size of the engagement ring can no longer be determined by the size ring. Try such a loop directly with the customer. If the customer has measured the circumference with a thread or a sheet of tape, it can only be considered as an approximate guide value, because in such a measurement, how the rigid ring is drawn on the finger.
When the opening of the ring is controlled on the sizing, it is naturally only a valid size that is written on the edge where the ring is placed on the sizing.
Considering the lower part of the gem, the tip of which protrudes from the finger cover, a longitudinal groove may be created in the size of a finger. For such a ring, the finger size should be considered slightly smaller.
Saw the ring and the ring
It may happen that the ring is so firmly attached to the finger that it can no longer be removed, as the finger may have grown gradually or the finger may have suddenly become swollen as a result of an injury. You can also visit a jewelry store.
With a saw blade, you can cut the ring torque in a simple way. Then, with two torque pliers, you can open the ring until it comes out of the finger.
If a saw is not available, a hacksaw can also be used. In this case, the saw blade is placed between our finger and the ring, and then the saw is cut from the inside out. The ring should not be cut with hand pliers or a gas pliers!

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