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Entering Arian Silver Factory’s Jewelry Collection leads you in to a world of exclusive and contemporary design with exquisite craftsmanship. Expand your jewelry collections with us for wide varieties from luxury details, statement making, playful colors versus the dainty and everyday pieces to unique silhouettes.

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Why BRONZE Jewelry

While not as popular as metals such as gold, platinum and silver, bronze certainly has a few advantages when it comes to being used in designer jewelry. First of all, it is a tough material, durable enough to be worn often to a outdoor events, such as garden parties or days out at the beach. This metal also retains its luster for years on end, allowing you to wear it for longer without having to replace or repair any parts. Lastly, handmade bronze jewelry is also very affordable. Made from a combination of copper and tin, bronze can be used to make a range of beautiful accessories that will not cost a fortune to buy.


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  • full set
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