Tips for buying necklaces as a gift for loved ones

Necklaces are the first thing that stands out among your jewelry. Their shape, material and fit with your clothes and body will have a major impact on your style.

Wearing necklaces and romantics enhances the beauty of our appearance and clothing and makes us shine as much as possible on different occasions and environments. Of course, buying the right necklace can multiply the beauty.

Chains made of metal or jewelry that come with a license plate are usually called necklaces. These plaques can be made of diamonds, precious stones, metal or pearls.

Important points in buying necklaces

Here we can not ignore the special place of the delicate gold necklace. Delicate necklaces give you a unique elegance and charm. Elegant necklaces in addition to low cut; They have a relatively low price and therefore many people are willing to buy delicate necklaces. Of course, in the gold and jewelry market, there are several types of gold necklaces with length, thickness and که that will make the choice for jewelry lovers a little difficult.

Pay attention to the size when buying necklaces

It is better to measure the size of your neck, especially for buying short necklaces; know. If you want to buy choker necklaces; Chains with 5 cm more than the size of your neck are a good option.

Chains that are too short are the best choice for people with long and narrow necks; Because it helps to make a person look more attractive and beautiful. Those with short necks choose a chain of about 50 to 60 cm; Show your neck longer. But people with medium necks can decide freely on any chain.

Pay attention to the type and shape of the body when buying necklaces

People under 165; A necklace with a length of 40 to 60 cm is the best option for them; People with an average height of 165 to 175 can choose any size of gold chain, and people with a height of more than 175 should not choose long chains. Of course, in addition to neck size and height; The shape and shape of your face are also effective in choosing a necklace.

If you have a round face, use long necklaces and chokers. If you have a tall face; Choose chains 40 to 45 cm long. Necklaces and short chokers are also more suitable for heart-shaped faces. Note that long chains; They show the person’s chin narrower and more elongated.

If you have a round face, use long necklaces and chokers

Pay attention to the shape of your face

The pendant necklace is more suitable for oval, round or heart faces. Look in the mirror and see what your face looks like.

If your face is round, use long pendant necklaces (preferably with heavy pendants). Heavy pendants lower the chain, creating a V-shaped shape.

If your face is very round, use chains that are slightly shorter with lighter pendants. For very round faces, you should make sure that the overall shape of the pendant necklace is in line with the shape of your face.

If your face is oval, you can use all pendant necklaces.

Fit the length of the necklace with the dress

In this regard, the coordination of the length of the necklace with your clothes can not be ignored. Pair very short necklaces with open collar dresses, and if your dress has a regular collar, it is better to use the usual 45 cm necklaces. You can act freely in choosing clothes with necklaces of 50 to 60 cm.

Tips for buying gold necklaces

If different ornaments, such as gold necklaces, are made by hand, the product is more valuable because it is handmade, and if the product is made by machine and machine, it has a lower manufacturing fee.

Another important thing that you should pay attention to when buying a gold necklace is the purity and quality of the gold. کالا This product should be made of gold with higher resistance due to its high consumption.

Pure gold is 24 carats, which is very soft, and to make jewelry, it must be combined with different types of other metals, and the alloy can be obtained with a different percentage of purity, so that the gold necklace can be made with higher quality and strength.

When you buy a gold necklace, you are faced with different types of them. There are many different options that you should consider when buying.

One of the most important issues in buying a gold necklace is its size and length. If you want to use closed-necked clothes, it is better to buy a gold necklace with longer length. Using long necklaces on clothes, and preferably on simple and monochrome clothes, will have more beauty and effect if you want only one gold necklace. Use ‌‌‌‌‌You can use thicker chains You can توانیدComplete this chain with a pendant‌‌‌‌ This pendant can be made of gold itself or ‌ part or all of it is made of different precious stones in different colors.

When buying a gold necklace, make sure that the chain you choose is solid or hollow. Some chains, although they have a thick appearance, are made of hollow textures and are generally light. Depending on how you use the gold necklace and whether you want this necklace for everyday use or just for use at parties and special occasions, your choice will be different.

If you do not want to use a thick long chain ‌‌‌

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